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What is Cast Polymer?

What are Cultured Marble, Solid Cultured Marble, Cultured Granite and Cultured Onyx?

How do you clean and maintain your product?

How durable is your product?

How easy is it to install?

What is special about Tri-City Marble Products?

What is the warranty?

What is Cast Polymer?

Cast Polymer is the umbrella term used to encompass cultured marble, cultured granite, cultured onyx and solid surface products used in a wide range of household and commercial applications. Some of these applications include: counter tops, lavatories, vanities, shower receptors, bathtubs, enclosure sets, fireplace surrounds, window sills, wall panels, floor tiles, whirlpool baths and molding accents.

Cast polymer products are man-made, chemically–bonded, mineral-filled, polymeric materials which are molded and hardened to a solid material in a variety of shapes that meet diverse design needs. The manufacturing process permits a range of uses almost impossible to achieve with quarried stone. Cast polymer is stronger and less brittle than quarried marble; it is more durable than porcelain. Cast polymer products resist mildew and stains and are easily cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning agents. The one-piece, seamless construction of cast polymer is easy to maintain and resistant to breakage. Cast polymer products are commonly known as cultured marble, cultured onyx, cultured granite and solid surface.

Cast polymer products are man-made, chemically-bonded, mineral-filled, polymeric materials which are molded and hardened to a solid material in a variety of shapes to meet the design needs of today's homeowner.

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What are Cultured Marble, Cultured Granite and Cultured Onyx?

Cultured marble, granite and onyx products are usually manufactured with a high-gloss coating, called a "gel coat", applied during the manufacturing process, which becomes an integral part of the product.

Cultured Marble, Cultured Granite and Cultured Onyx, as their names imply, have the look of genuine marble, granite or onyx. Cultured marble, granite and onyx products are usually manufactured with a high-gloss coating, called a "gel coat", applied during the manufacturing process, which becomes an integral part of the cultured marble, granite or onyx product. Colorants may be added to the polymer/filler matrix in a manner which provides a "veining" which mimics the appearance of natural products. The polymer casting process yields a rock hard, durable product which takes on the look and feel of the natural product. Cultured marble, granite and onyx products easily meet nationally-recognized standards to resist water, heat, stains, burns, chemicals and everyday wear and tear.

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Care and Maintenance Tips

To keep your cast polymer products looking like new just follow a few easy steps:

For cultured marble, granite or onyx:

For routine cleaning of both our Gloss and Satin finishes, use detergent, glass cleaner or foam cleaner.

Use liquid detergent for regular cleaning to remove mineral deposits and soap scum. Restore dull surfaces by using liquid cleaning compound (such as is used for cars), followed by a light application of liquid wax or paste. Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scouring pads, scrapers, or sandpaper on any part of the surfaces.

To remove built up hair spray, paint, tar, and difficult stains from the surface, use turpentine, denatured alcohol, or paint thinner. Be careful not to use turpentine or paint thinner on the hydro jets in a spa or plated components- damage to the plastic coatings may result.

To remove plaster or construction residue, scrape the surface slightly with a wooden edge and wash with liquid detergent. Never use wire brushes or metal tools on any part of the cultured marble surfaces.

If the stain is from hard water or mineral deposits, try using a cleaner for removing iron, calcium, or other such mineral deposits that are in your water supply. Most cleaning chemicals will not damage the gelcoat as long as label instructions are followed.

Gloss Finish:
For cleaning stubborn stains, Soft Scrub® by Clorox can be used. Gel-Gloss® by TR Industries is great to use for keeping the shine of the gloss finish. Car wax can also be used to polish the top now and then. Abrasive cleansers should be avoided.

Matte Finish:
Scour with a green Scotch-B rite® pad and an abrasive cleanser then follow general cleaning instructions. For really stubborn stains, sand with 220 grit silicon carbide sandpaper*, then follow instructions above.

(* When sanding, always use a sanding block, moving in a circular motion with consistent pressure.)

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How Durable is your product?

Tri-City Marble's products are made to meet and exceed the ANSI Z124.3 standard. This standard test things like impact resistance, color fastness, stain resistance, structural integrity, appearance as well as a thermal shock test which cycles the product thru alternate 50F and 150F temperature cycles.

This means that you can be assured that products that pass these tests will give you years of dependable, good looking service.

Should your product become scratch on chipped. In most cases it can be repaired. We offer Do-It-Yourself repair kits as well a professional repair service in most areas.

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Can I install the products myself?

Depending on your expertise, installing a vanity top and/or shower base and walls is certainly with in the ability of many home owners.

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Things to consider when making your purchasing decisions

Tri-City Marble only uses the finest raw materials. Although cost is always important, the emphasis must always be on quality.

Tri-City Marble products are manufactured to exceed industry requirements and relevant quality (ANSI) standards for applicable plumbing and construction codes.

Each product is hand polished to perfection before being wrapped in protective plastic. Surface imperfections are rarely seen with our product.

The packaging is also something not to be skimped on. We view it as insurance that your product will get to you safely.

If a problem does occur Tri-City Marble prides itself on the manner and speed at which problems are resolved.

Tri-City Marble does not just do standard size tops. A significant part of our production is in custom sizes, shapes and colors. We do custom vanity tops, counters, wall surrounds and shower bases.

We offer a wide variety of bowl styles, deck sizes and edge thicknesses.

Tri-City Marble offers integral Two-Tone tops is most deck colors not just granite colors like many other manufacturers.

Tri-City Marble has been doing all of this since 1976 and is well respected in the industry.

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6. What is the warranty?

Tri-City Marble offers a 5 year warranty for any manufacturing or material defects, provided the product has been installed according to our instructions. Please contact us for details and a full written copy.

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