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The Cultured Collection consists of four different material types: Marble, Onyx, Granite and Solids. They are collectively classified as Cast Polymer. All materials are available in a wide array of colors and can be molded into a wide variety of shapes to meet diverse design needs.

Tri-City Marble cast polymer products are made by chemically bonding a pulverized stone filler (
DOLIMITIC LIMESTONE) with a high quality POLYESTER RESIN to create a matrix. Pigments are added to achieve the desired coloration. The matrix is chemically fused with an "NPG" ISOPHTHALIC POLYESTER RESIN GEL COAT. Chemical catalysts are added in the process to control the hardening and rate of cure. Our products are designed to be resistant to water, heat, stains, abrasions and most chemicals. Scratches, chips and even cigarette burns are repairable.

Tri-City Marble ensures you will receive
consistent quality products by implementing quality control checks on incoming raw materials as well as the finished product. To ensure that our products exceed ANSI Z124.3 standards, thermal shock tests are conducted at our factory and also by an independent third party. Tri-City Marble products offer years of trouble-free performance as long as water temperatures do not exceed 150 Fahrenheit and units are properly installed.

Cultured Marble, Cultured Onyx and Cultured Granite all are made with the same clear gelcoats.

What separates them is the filler used to achieve the various appearance. The price is primarily proportional to the cost of the fillers.

See Colors for examples

Solid Colors are made the same way as Cultured Marble is made except that a solid colored gelcoat is used to achieve the desired colors.

See Colors for examples