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THE Cultured Collection

Vanity Tops Standard Sizes, Custom Sizes

Bowl Styles

Deck Styles Flat Deck attached Backsplash, Drip less Deck attached Backsplash, Deck With Separate Backsplash

Wall Surrounds Standard Sizes, Custom Sizes

Shower Receptors Standard Sizes, Custom Sizes


Drop-in Bowls


The Cultured Collection
The Cultured Collection consists of four different material types:
Marble, Onyx, Granite and Solids. They are collectively classified as Cast Polymer. All materials are available in a wide array of colors and can be molded into a wide variety of shapes to meet diverse design needs.

Tri-City Marble cast polymer products are made by chemically bonding a pulverized stone filler (
DOLIMITIC LIMESTONE) with a high quality POLYESTER RESIN to create a matrix. Pigments are added to achieve the desired coloration. The matrix is chemically fused with an "NPG" ISOPHTHALIC POLYESTER RESIN GEL COAT. Chemical catalysts are added in the process to control the hardening and rate of cure. Our products are designed to be resistant to water, heat, stains, abrasions and most chemicals. Scratches, chips and even cigarette burns are repairable.

Tri-City Marble ensures you will receive
consistent quality products by implementing quality control checks on incoming raw materials as well as the finished product. To ensure that our products exceed ANSI Z124.3 standards, thermal shock tests are conducted at our factory and also by an independent third party. Tri-City Marble products offer years of trouble-free performance as long as water temperatures do not exceed 150 Fahrenheit and units are properly installed.
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Vanity Tops

Standard size vanity tops

Vanity tops are manufactured with integral bowls and back splashes in a variety of sizes. Standard depths include 17", 19" and 22". There are four standard bowl styles available with a single (centered) bowl and several bowl styles are available with double or offset bowls. Faucet holes are available in 4", 8", single hole or other centers at no additional charge.
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Custom size vanity tops

Vanity tops are available up to 143" with an integral back splash and 124" with a separate back splash. Complex shapes such as radius corners, "L" shapes, angles, curves, etc. can be achieved to meet almost any design need. Seven integral bowl styles are available or tops can be manufactured ready for drop-in or under-mount bowls. Consult the factory if you're unsure about any custom application.

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Shower Bases

Standard sizes

Several standard sizes are available including the most popular neo angle, square and rectangular shapes. They feature slip resistant sloped floors and seamless one-piece solid construction that surpasses fiberglass or acrylic units (non-flex). Coordinate with our wall panels and accessories to achieve the ultimate in elegance and durability that is easy to clean and maintain.

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Custom sizes

Custom Shower Bases can be made up to 98x78 provided the drain is close to the center of that area. They can be made in any of the colors or materials we make. They can be with one threshold or multiple thresholds. We also offer two configurations for the edges. The first would be when the wall panel is intended to be flush with the threshold, the second is when the wall panel fits flush to the base.
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Shower & Tub Surrounds

Standard SIzes
A wide array of standard size wall panels is available in a nominal 3/8" thickness in standard heights of 60", 72" and 96". They can be used in conjunction with any of our shower bases or as wall surrounds, skirting, etc. for your tub, whirlpool or other unique design applications. Several moldings and accessories are available to complete the bath of your dreams. Avoid mold and dirt problems associated with tile surrounds. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or liquid cleaners. Also we can fabricate custom size flat stock in 3/8" or 3/4" thickness to achieve unique designs applications.
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Bowl Styles

17" Deck
19" Deck
22" or greater Deck
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Custom Flat Stock
Custom flat stock is available in 3/8" or 3/4" thickness up to 120"x60". Add custom

  • shelving
  • a shower seat
  • window sills
  • whirlpool decking
  • aprons
  • make-up or dressing area counters
  • desk or table tops
to enhance the décor of any room in the home or office. A template may be required for unique shapes with curves or angles.
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At Tri-City Marble, we also carry a variety of accessories to enhance the style and practicality of your bathroom. You can choose from different soap / shampoo holders, moldings, framed mirrors, bowl styles, deck edging, etc.
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Drop-in Bowls
We also manufacture two styles of drop-in bowls. A 19"x16" oval style and a 24"x19" recessed oval style, which is available not only in solid colors, but also in unique looks in all our marble, granite or onyx colors.

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Marble, Onyx and Solid materials are available in a virtually unlimited selection of colors. Standard colors are generally colors that coordinate with the more popular colors in American Standard, Kohler, and Eljer and Universal Rundle's current fixture color selections. Custom colors can be formulated for an additional charge.
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  • Marble
    Colors are available with white veining on a fixture color background (mostly fixture color) or with a fixture color vein on a white on white (cloud) background (mostly white on white background). Other miscellaneous colors are available that duplicate the look of natural marble.
    Colors are available with a fixture color vein on a white onyx background (mostly white onyx). Onyx material has a translucent effect that provides a very luxurious appearance.
    Colors are also available in standard colors to coordinate with most current plumbing fixture selections. Pigments are mixed with the gelcoat to create a consistent color throughout the entire surface.
    Colors are available that have multiple colored specks within the same piece allowing them to coordinate well with most decors. Our Granite series is a homogenous blend throughout the entire matrix that is manufactured to exceed industry standards. Unlike competitive products that use calcium carbonate fillers or a thin sprayed on layer that won't hold up to rigorous use.
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  • Celeste
    Our Celeste line combines the beauty of granite with the veined look of our marble.
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